FOCF Work Party + BBQ!!! 4.7.07, clearing the Gertje Peacock Run!!
For the April 7 work party we will be clearing blown down on two sections of Green Line #6 and Mima Porter #8 that were hit hard this winter. The plan is
to meet at The Y as usual, then caravan up to D-4000 and split up into a Green Line group and Mima Porter 8 group. Both groups will have an out and
back of about 6 miles with about 1000' of elevation gain and loss. The plan is for each group to go on bikes or foot with a lead chain saw team focusing on
the heavy cutting and the latter half of each group moving the tree cuttings and branches. Should be a full day on the trail so bring your  pack with food and
water. We have saws and fuel, but could probably use small hand saws for the little stuff. Today's (3/24) trail survey of this route reveals minimal trail and
drainage issues, but many big trees and branches are still down. This will be another fun and rewarding project on this classic route!!!!!!!                    
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