FOCF 2008 Winter Clean Up
12.10 Survey
GL#6 from C-4000 to Trail #50:
GL#6 from Trail #50 Fall Creek:
Blow downs and drainage issues    
Trail #50:
Blow downs and drainage issues
Mima Porter #8 from Wedekind to Fall Creek:
This section of #8 is in pretty bad shape. There are
multiple 100' sections of trail with ruts full of running
water. About a mile in there is a pretty big mud slide that
took out the trail. It's about 40' wide and still really soft
in places. A 1/2 mile in we had to cross either a newly
formed or seriously rain filled creek. It looked like it has
always been there, but recently widened by mother
nature. Another 1/2 mile and we came to a 10' bridge that
had been knocked off it's footings. It's still there, but
looks like it could go at any time. The remainder of the
trail had numerous blow downs, but the trail was in fair

12.23 Work Party
GL#6 from C-4000 to C-Line:
Cleared trees and repaired water damage.  

12.26 Work Party
Mima Porter #8 from Trail#50 to lower clear cut
Cleared trees and repaired MASSIVE water damage,
Jackson rules!

12.29 Survey/Work Party
Lost Valley Loop: Mima Porter#8, Trail#20 and GL#6
Smaller trees moved, over a dozen remain through loop,
with a very large tree on Trail #20

1.5 Work Party
Lost Valley Loop, Mima Porter#8, Trail#20 and GL#6
All clear except for one large tree on #6
Mima Porter #8 from Wedekind to Fall Creek
All clear except bridge is out near Wedekind  
If you have specific information about the conditions on this
route please email us so we can address the work keep the
map updated or  

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