Green Line #6 Reroute
Winter 06/07
The Plan
Thanks to everyone who came out in the snow to help get the project started on 12.2.06 by de-brushing the first two
thirds of the new route, which already looks sweet.  We will continue working over the winter at the regular
scheduled work parties to progress forward and hopefully have it wrapped up by April. With DNR's help we will
begin using heavier equipment now that it has dried out since November's record rain, in combination with manual
efforts. Some parts of the trail building process are best done by hand. Come out and help!!! See you next month.     
Friends of Capitol Forest
The trail was originally built straight
down an old rail road grade, bad.
The trail provided the perfect route
for water to drain, down its length,
causing serious erosion and creating
serious hazards to due its depth and
concealed roots and stumps..."The
Trough of Doom". The new trail will
provide effective water drainage in
order to mitigate erosion and a more
enjoyable and esthetic route through
the forest.  
Just outside of Fall Creek as you
head towards The Peak.
We've worked our
way down to here
with the first phase
of debrushing and
limbing. At the next
work party we will
debrush the rest of
the section and
maybe begin
moving some dirt
and placing some
Trail downhill flow
Change of plan,
the route went
east of the old
trail at this
bottom section in
search of drier
terrain and a more
esthetic line.
We've completed
the rough in
phase, time for
shovels, and
Major progress
made. With the
help of big Kevin,
and Christine
from DNR with
their trail machine
we got the whole
section roughed
in. Next time out
we will install
culverts and let it
ride!!! We will
evaluate for water
and imapact
damage and
address those
issues if they
And its done. We'll keep
an eye on it through this
season and make changes
if necessary. Thanks to